After you have generated your first electronic lease on the platform, you may wonder: What are the next steps?

The first step is to check with your tenants if they've received their invitation email to register (don't forget to ask them to check in their spam folder).

If your tenant has received his email, but is not sure how to proceed, we suggest that you share this article with him.

On the other hand, if he reports that he did not receive his invitation email, make sure that you did not make a typing error in his email address.

In case he still haven't received it, your tenant will need to activate his account manually.

In order to proceed, we invite you to share this information or this video online to your tenant.

Once all your documents have been signed, if you wish to download and/or print them we suggest you check out our online video which will guide you through this process.

You have other questions? Check out our FAQ or ask us your questions by clicking on the green bubble at the bottom right.