On Bloc Solutions, you can import your Annexes and Building Regulations.

These documents will be joined to your lease and now can be signed by your tenants.


Important : 

All documents imported to the platform must be in PDF, otherwise they cannot be signed nor consulted.


Video tutorial (in french)

Step 1 : Import your documents

  • Click on Documents tab in the menu on the left
  • Then on the "+" sign on the right
  • Click on "Téléverser un fichier"
  • Select the document (in PDF format) to import from your computer
  • Select the document type
  • Click on "Enregistrer"

Your document is now saved on your platform.

Step 2 : Link the documents to the lease

Once you are in the process of editing your lease, you can link one or more documents to it (Annexes, Building Regulations, etc.). 

  • Click on "Liaison de documents" in the left column.
  • Depending on what you want to link, click the "+under "Lier les annexes personnalisées" or "Lier les règlements de l'immeuble".
  • Select the document you want to link or click on the "+if you need to import another document.
  • Click on "Suivant" to save
  • That's it

If you have any other questions you can consult our FAQ at any time or otherwise contact us directly by chat.