Do all landlords have to sign the lease?

Much like property management companies, it is not necessary for all owners  to sign the lease. You can therefore enter only one name if you wish, or else enter both names and then sign yourself. You will then represent your business partner during this rental. 


Here's how to do it :

  • Create a new electronic lease
  • Go directly to Section A
  • Then add the information of your business partner: the co-owner of the rental property.
  • Also enter your first and last name on the line indicated "s'il y a lieu représenté par".
  • You can now complete your lease and it will be ready to be signed by the parties mentioned.

Good to know : The lease format of the Tribunal administratif du logement (formerly known as Régie du Logement)  only allows 2 owners to be displayed. If the accommodation is owned by more than 2 owners then it is possible to add an annex to the lease mentioning all the owners.


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