When creating a lease on the platform, you will have two options :

  1. Generate an electronic lease with Bloc Solutions
  2. Lease generated outside of Bloc Solutions

In most cases you will choose the default option : "Generate an electronic lease with Bloc Solutions", but it may occur that you need to import an existing lease. In this case you will select: "Lease generated outside of Bloc Solutions".

When do you need to use this option?

For example, when you already have a lease with signatures (normally a paper lease), but you want to use Bloc Solutions for messaging and sending official documents (Annex, renewals, notices, etc.)

Here are the steps to enter an existing lease :

  1. Select "Bail généré à l'extérieur de Bloc Solutions"
  2. Import a previously scanned lease (PDF) and enter the lease reference number in the appropriate box.
  3. Link contacts (tenants and / or endorsers)
  4. Link documents (annexes, building regulations, etc.)
  5. Select the right dates
  6. Click on "Générer" (to import the existing lease)

When you import your paper lease in PDF version, you will have a previewof the lease on the platform (see images below).

If you do not use the PDF format ans / or only enter the reference number, you will not see the lease but only the lease number (see images below).


*** WARNING ***

When you want to edit your lease, make sureyou do not click on "existing lease"  otherwise you and your tenants will no longer have access to the lease.


If this ever happens to you, you will have to modify the lease again and make sure you choose a new electronic lease and not an existing lease.

Regarding the step of creating a new lease, we have a blog post that you may find helpful.

We also have an online video on the steps in creating your electronic lease on Bloc Solutions.

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