When you generate the lease, a serial number will be added to it.

It may occur that a user wishes to add the lease number to the documents before having them signed by the tenants.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Generate the lease (without binding the tenants for the moment) in order to obtain the serial number.
  2. Take note of the serial number.
  3. Open the documents in order to add the serial number of the lease with Adobe Acrobat Reader (or other similar software).
  4. Edit the PDF and add the serial number to the document.

Returning to the lease:

  1. Find the lease you just generated and click on "Modifier le bail".
  2. Then the lease will go back to a draft, click on "Modifier le brouillon".
  3. Once in the lease, go to the "liaison des contacts" section and bind the tenants / endorsers to the lease. 
  4. Go to the "liaison des documents" section and add the documents that contain the lease number to the lease.
  5. Click on "Générer"

Thereafter your tenants will receive an email with an activation link in order to activate their account and sign each of the documents.