When you generate a lease on the platform, your tenants / endorsers receive an invitation on their email to activate their account. Once their account is activated, they will be able to sign each of the documents (lease, annexes, regulations, etc.).


It may occur that your tenants notify you that they did not receive their invitation.


There are a couple of reasons that might be the cause.


Reason 1 - You forgot to link your tenant to the lease:


Here's how to check if the tenant is linked to the lease:

  • In the left column, click on the " Baux " tab and click on the lease in question.
  • Then check on the name of the tenant if there is an attached email.

What if my tenant is not linked to the lease?

  • In that case, you will have to return to the lease and link your tenant in the "Liaison de contact" section .

Here is an online video that explains every step.


Reason 2 - There is a typo in the email address of the tenant / endorser:

  • In that case, you must edit it by clicking on "Modifier le contact" (a new email invitation will then be sent to your tenant).

Reason 3 - The invitation is in the spam folder:

  • If the invitation email is in the spam folder he will need to click on the invitation link "Signer mon bail maintenant".

Reason 4 - The email address is correct and the invitation is not in the spam folder:


New feature : Owner and manager accounts can now obtain the invitation link for a contact, resend the invitation email and edit the contact's email address.

  • If this occurs,  click on "Renvoyer l'invitation" and ask your tenant to return to check their emails.
  • You can also click on "Lien d'invitation", copy and send it directly to your tenant (we recommend this way for more efficiency). 

Good to know : Tenants and endorsers can now register on their own on the platform (app.bloc.solutions/register) and they will be automatically associated with companies that have invitations “pending” with these contacts (a good way to bypass an email that would not be received for example).


You can follow the progress of this process:

  • Click on the "Baux" tab in the main menu
  • Select the relevant lease from the list.

The invitation can be in 2 different states:

  • Invitation accepted = your tenant has received his invitation and has created his account on the platform (he can now sign his documents).
  • Pending invitation = your tenant should have received their invitation, but have not yet created their account on the platform.

For any questions, please consult our FAQ in the Bloc Solutions support center.