Creating a contact is essential to produce and sign an electronic lease on Bloc Solutions. In order for your tenants to sign the documents, you must create their contact first.


Option 1:

On the dashboard, start by clicking on Add contact.


The platform will redirect you under the "contacts" section where you can now start creating contacts by clicking on the + on the top right.


Fill in the neccessary information. 


IMPORTANT: Please make sure to add a valid email address in the first position. This email will be used by the system to communicate with your contact, and therefore, if it is a tenant, it will be the email address assigned to the lease in order to sign.


If you wish to add more than one email address or more than one phone number, click on the add button + to the right of the form. 


You can assign one or more tags to your contact. To do this, click on the Contact type drop-down menu You can also add a description to your contact, which only you and members of your management team will see. 


Click Save to create your contact. 


Option 2:

Click the Contacts icon in the left side navigation bar.


Then click on the add contact button + at the top right of the screen and repeat the previous steps (please refer to option 1). 

Option 3 (tenant / endorser contact creation):

It is also possible to create a new contact directly in the lease in the "Link contact" section , simply by clicking on Choose one or more contacts and then on the + to create a new one. 

When you have added it to the list, click Next .

That's it, your contact is now added to the Bloc Solutions platform. You can now "link" them to a lease that you will create, and they will receive an invitation to sign the necessary documents.


Next step ? Create a lease!