Access levels

Bloc Solutions allows you to give different levels of access to the application, to people in your organization and even to external partners. Here is a short description of the four access levels:


There can only be one manager per company. The manager holds all the rights of modifications, publications, creations and others concerning his company on the Bloc Solutions application.

He is the only one able to modify the access rights of other users of his company or designated partners. He is often referred to in software jargon as an administrator or super administrator.


An editor can see and modify all company data recorded on Bloc Solutions. It can therefore create, publish, save and delete data that you or other users may have previously created.


As its level indicates, an observer can only consult data relating to your company on Bloc Solutions. The observer cannot make changes to a building or send messages to other users.


A tenant only has access to information in his lease or leases, as well as to discussions and related documents. The so-called "tenant" type of access therefore does not give any access to other company information that does not concern him.

Add users

Here's how you can add users into the Bloc Solutions Plateforme. 

the User Management and Invite Users tabs allow you to add and edit users.

To note :

The contact you want to add to the Bloc Solutions application must first be registered in your account. From this invitation sub-tab, you can search your contacts or even directly add one to invite them as a user of your company (depending on the access level chosen).

To create a contact that does not exist in your contact book, click on the "+" button in the selection field and fill in the required fields.