When you are at the point of generating your lease, it might occur that the process will not go through.

There are two things that could prevent the lease from generating:

  1. Character limit has been exceeded in the lease
  2. A document other than PDF has been added to the lease

When this problem occurs, you must go back in your lease and check all the fields in the lease wherever the character limit may have been exceeded (make sure you never exceed the character limit otherwise the lease will remain in draft).

To find out how to edit your lease, we invite you to take a look at this article.

Another reason why your lease will not generate is when you link a document into the lease which is not in PDF format (ex: .docx, .txt, .html or other).

If you link a document to your lease which is other than a PDF, your lease will remain in draft.

If this happens, you must convert the document to PDF in order to be able to generate the lease.

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