When your lease is generated, tenants / endorsers linked to it receive an invitation to sign it on their email.

 You can follow the progress of this process:

  • Click on the Leases tab of the main menu on the left. 
  • Select the relevant lease from the list that appears before your eyes.

The invitation can be in 2 different states:

 Invitation accepted = your tenant has received their invitation and created their account on the platform. He can then sign the lease.

Invitation pending = your tenant should have received their invitation but have not yet created their account on the platform.

My tenant did not receive his invitation email! What do I do ?

If your tenant tells you that they did not receive their invitation email, there could be several reasons:

1 - You forgot to link it to the lease:

In this case you will have to go back to modify the lease and link your tenant in the "Link contact" section.

If you have an endorser, you will have to like it at the same time. 

 2 - The email address contains a mistake:

In this case you can modify the email by clicking on Edit contact in the invitations section. A new invitation will then be sent to your tenant on this new email.

3 - The email address is correct and the invitation is not in spam:

In this case, you can click Resend invitation and ask your tenant to go back and check their emails again. 

You can also click on Invitation link, copy it and send it to your tenant. 

Do not hesitate to send this article to your tenant, explaining how to create their account without the invitation link.

If you have any other questions regarding the Bloc Solutions' functionalities, you can contact us by clicking on the little green bubble at the bottom right, from your platform.