First of all, if you're stuck on a particular step or for a better comprehension of our platform, we suggest you check out our online tutorials.

Also, make sure you have Google Chrome installed.

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome as our platform sometimes experience some issues on other browsers.

Here are some issues with other browsers:

  • Blank page (Internet Explorer)
  • Unable to sign the lease (Safari)
  • Unable to see signature (Edge)

The lease will not generate

There are two reasons that could prevent the lease from being generated:

  • Character limit has been exceeded in the lease
  • An annex other than PDF has been added to the lease

When the first problem occurs, make sure that all the fields don't exceed the character limit (see example).

Importing documents

Our platform only accepts documents in PDF.

If you import documents other than PDF, the lease may not be generated (it'll remain in draft) or you may not be able to see the signatures (see example).

If this happens, you will need to edit the lease as well as convert the document to PDF in order to generate your lease.

For more details, I invite you to read this article or check out this video.

Tenants do not receive their invitation email

Please note that some email services consider our emails to be spam, so it is important to check the spam folder in your mailbox.

In the event that the tenant still hasn't received it, we have an article and an online video with all the steps.

I can't find my lease

A very common error when starting on the platform is not to click on the unit in order to have access to your leases.

Make sure you are on the unit containing the lease in order to see the "Baux" tab . If you do not see the "Baux" tab, it means that you are on the building level and not on the unit level (see images).



I am unable to sign my lease

Another mistake that some people make on the platform is to select "Lease generated outside Bloc Solutions" when trying to create or edit a lease.

If you choose this option, you and your tenants will no longer be able to sign the lease.

Here is an example:

If this happens, you will have to edit your lease (make sure you choose the default option "Générer un bail électronique avec Bloc Solutions" and not "Bail généré à l'extérieur de Bloc Solutions").

The only time you need to click this option is when you have a lease in PDF that whas been created outside the platform and has already been signed.

We have created a blog post that explains the differences between these two methods.

You have more questions? We have several tutorials on our FAQ in order to find answers to your questions.