Résultats de traducIt can happen that the payment you are trying to make is refused for several reasons.

It can happen that the payment you are trying to make is refused for several reasons.

If one of the following error messages is displayed in your application, it may mean that the bank associated with the selected payment method has refused the transaction request.

  • "Application failed: card refused"
  • “Your payment method is not valid. Change the billing settings. "
  • "An error occurred while processing your request"

In most cases, you will need to add a new payment method or select a different one to resolve the payment issue.

However, we are providing additional details on the possible reasons why your transaction request was denied, as well as the different ways to resolve the issue so that you can continue to use the Bloc Solutions platform as an editor again.

If you entered your bank card number incorrectly, you must change it in the "Company preferences" menu of the Bloc Solutions platform under the "Payment method" tab (See images below).

  • If your bank card has expired, you must remove it from your account and replace it with an active card.

  • If your account does not have the necessary funds, you need to transfer money to it. You can also add or choose another payment method.

  • If you are abroad, but have not asked your bank to authorize international transactions, contact them to have transactions approved in the country you are in.

  • Your bank may have rejected the Bloc Solutions payment request for fear of being the victim of fraud. In this case, update your payment method or contact your bank for more information.

  • If you have exceeded the limit authorized for your account, contact your bank to request a modification of this limit. You can also add or select another payment method.

  • If you recently reported the theft or loss of your credit card, your bank may refuse all requested transactions. If you found it, you will have to contact your bank to inform customer service that you have found your card.

If the problem is different and these solutions are not suitable, let us know by clicking on the chat bubble at the bottom right so that we can assist you.