Are you browsing Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer and when you download the lease, it is unreadable and in .txt format? 

Here are some options to help you:

First, if it is possible for you to use and / or download the Google Chrome browser, the Bloc Solutions platform will be much more stable and pleasant to use, in addition to resolving the problem of the unreadable lease.

Here is a link to download Google Chrome browser

In the event that you are unable to use Google Chrome, you can try to rename the downloaded file to a .pdf file.

Here's how to do it:

  • Once your lease has been generated in Bloc Solutions, start by downloading the lease by clicking on the unit in question and then clicking ''Download lease'' button.

  • Then click on the "Save" button.

  • Click on the button "Open folder".

  • You now see the lease downloaded as a ".txt" file. If you don't see the lease, you can also find it in the "downloads" folder that you see in the left sidebar.

  • Right click on the file to display the actions menu and press the "rename" button at the bottom of the list.

  • Add at the end of the title of this document ".pdf" (without quotes) and press "Enter"

You now have a readable file in PDF format and you can now view it by double clicking on the file and printing it as needed.


Still can't read your lease?

Do you have suitable software installed on your computer for this?

If in doubt, we recommend that you download and install Adobe Reader by clicking on this link:

Note: Microsoft recently announced that they will stop using the Edge browser as it currently is and will use a certain "version" of Google Chrome. Technically, this problem will be automatically fixed within a few months.


Did you know ?

Bloc Solutions is a 100% secure platform that keeps signed leases and exchanges between landlords and tenants. You are therefore absolutely not obliged to download your documents, we are keeping them for you! 

You have more questions ? 

You can continue browsing this Help Center to find answers to your questions, or by writing to us by opening a conversation, right here at the bottom right!