Please note that this practice only applies to real estate agents who use their own signing application.

As a real estate agent, you can still use the platform like a landlord or building manager, but if you intend to use your own signing tool, this article is for you.

Here are the steps to create an electronic lease:

  • Select your unit in the Buildings section
  • Select the Leases tab
  • Select the “ + ” button
  • Leave the "liaison de contacts" section as is
  • Fill in the information of the tenant (s) in section A
  • Enter the correct dates (Sections C and D)
  • Complete the lease properly
  • Make sure the lease is complete (preview)
  • Generate the lease

In order to be able to download the lease, you must sign it by choosing the Sign outside of Bloc Solutions option (the lease will be considered signed on the platform, but you will have to affix your signature outside the Bloc Solutions platform. once the lease is downloaded).

Once all the documents have been signed, you can download the lease on the platform by clicking on the blue Download Lease link (the lease will be downloaded in PDF format).

You can now import the lease into your own electronic signature tool.

If you have further questions, make sure you check out our FAQ for other tutorials.