Since our last update, importing an existing lease (scanned paper lease) into Bloc Solutions has never been so easy!

This option is completely free but make sure you import a signed lease in PDF format.

If your lease has already been signed outside of Bloc Solutions and you wish to import the lease, it is possible to do so. You will then be able to take advantage of all the features including renewal notices and communications.

We have completely revised this feature to make it as simple and efficient as possible.

How to proceed? 

  • Go to the building and unit where you want to import the lease.
  • Click on the blue bar Create lease

You will then see a pop up window with two options: 

  1. Create a new lease
  2. Import an existing lease

  • Click Import an existing lease

You can upload a copy of your lease, or just link your tenants and endorsers. The copy of your lease will not be sent to tenants and endorsers.

To attach a copy of your lease, click attach a copy.

If you wish to link tenants to the lease, click on Choose one or more contacts . If you need to create a new contact, click on the "+".

After this step you can enter the lease information.

Finally, you can preview the lease.

By finalizing this lease import, contacts linked to the lease will be invited by email to sign the Bloc Solutions annex.

This annex authorizes you to send them any notice or any procedure relating to this lease and requiring proof of notification by email.

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