Please note that this practice only applies to real estate brokers who use their signature application.

It can also apply to landlords that use our platform, but rather have their tenants sign in person.

How to proceed

Once you have created and generated your electronic lease, you will be able to sign it. 

At this stage, you will have three options:

  1. Sign with the existing template (this allows you to use the previously saved template, without having to re-sign).
  2. Create a new signature (if you do not have a template yet saved, you will need to create it with this option, you can then save it for future signatures).
  3. Sign outside of Bloc Solutions

By choosing the Sign outside of Bloc Solutions option, the lease will be considered signed on the platform, but you will have to sign outside the Bloc Solutions platform once the lease has been downloaded.

Once all the documents are signed, the lease will be in 'Signed' mode (see image below).

Subsequently, you can download the lease on the platform by clicking on the blue link Download the lease (the lease will be downloaded in PDF format). 

If you have other questions about Bloc Solutions, feel free to write to us or consult our FAQ.