Good news for building owners and managers! It is now possible to download and send the lease in draft to your signatories (tenants, endorsers) before generating it.

In other words, you no longer need to generate the lease to have access to this file.

How to proceed?

Simply click on the leases tab in the left column and select the draft lease you want to send to your signatories.

Once you have clicked on the draft lease and you will have four options available to you:

  • Edit draft
  • Preview the lease
  • Lease generation
  • Delete the lease

You need to select Preview the lease, you can then transmit this specimen lease in 2 ways:

  1. by downloading the PDF of the specimen lease;
  2. by copying the URL that you can send to the people concerned in order to give them access to this specimen.

Please note that from the moment the lease is generated, this PDF is no longer available.

Online tutorial (french)

We invite you to go to to see this change now!

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