When a lease expires, the landlord must send a renewal notice to tenants. The landlord cannot increase a rent or change the terms of a lease at any moment without a warning. 

Since our last update, it's now possible to create and send renewal notices through the Bloc Solutions platform.

Once your landlord creates the renewal notice, as the tenant linked to the lease, you will receive an email (according to the date they specified when creating the notice).

When you have opened this email, you must click on the blue button 'Consult the renewal notice'.

Subsequently, you will be redirected in the platform so you can sign the document (you will also see a notification at the top right on the platform to remind you that you have a new document to sign).

  • Click on Consult my notice.

You can read the details of the renewal notice. After you've taken the time to read it, click Next.

It's under the tab Answer the notice that you can choose whether or not you accept the renewal notice.

Your landlord will than have a notification indicating whether or not you accept this notice. 

If the renewal notice has been accepted, the terms of the lease will be automatically extended and the rent will be updated on the platform.

You have more questions? Do not hesitate to consult our articles to know everything about our platform