Here is our new feature offered directly in your platform, credit report!

Thanks to this functionality, you will be able to send the survey form to your candidates, obtain a detailed survey report directly on Bloc Solutions and you will be able to confirm the request and automatically convert it into a lease.

Easy to use, you will be able to get an answer in just a few minutes.

Here are the steps to follow in order to carry out your first credit check

     1- Open the pre-rental survey section then click on New survey at the top right.

    2- A window will open, simply link the survey to the right unit and the right application. You can link to an existing             application or create a new one.


    3- You must now choose the package of your choice and then complete the next sections by navigating between             the sections by clicking on the blue button "next" at the bottom right of the page or from the left menu.

    4- The last step of creation is to confirm the payment.

    5- After clicking on Pay and send, the credit inquiry is automatically sent to the candidate, who will then complete         the document.

Important to know: once sent, the survey is no longer editable. You will have the option to resend the invitation, modify the contact card or delete the survey and start over.

Note that an unanswered credit check that is still pending from the candidate can be canceled at any time. The amount will be credited and will be applicable on a future service.

Your survey comes back negative? Here are some possible reasons;

- Your candidate did not add their Social Insurance Number (SIN) in the application and the Equifax system cannot do the exact verification.

-Your candidate does not have a Canadian address. Since non-residents of Canada do not have a credit report

 Canada, it is impossible for an investigation bureau to get an answer.

Our agents remain available to answer all your questions from the message bubble at the bottom right or by phone at (581) 709-9597

Important to know: The form can be completed from your owner account, with the agreement of the candidate. The candidate will have to sign before confirming the request, all from your platform.